for some reason vegas gets angry every time i try to work with 1080p steven universe footage. i mean, it doesnt freak out when i use hd adventure time footage, so why does this happen

i need a stronger computer…. this laptop isn’t beefy enough to handle my out of control lifestyle

i am way too emotionally attached to my jeff figurine

if only yall knew how much i liked fanboy and chum chum. i am a dirty fanboy and chum chum liker and nothing will change that

the fankylechum url is taken

stop making fun of triggers. post traumatic stress disorder isn’t just some wacky tumblr meme made up by idiot teenagers. it’s a serious thing, and even seemingly harmless or stupid things can bring back horrible, horrible memories


tadomaki stuff (and butts)


Background art from the Studio Ghibli film When Marnie was There (思い出のマーニー). Yohei Taneda (種田陽平) is the art director for this summer’s animated feature.

editing videos is so much fun…… it’s so much fun

THE AUDIO IN THE AMV I JUST POSTED ISN’T SYNCHRONIZED WITH THE VISUALS. FUCKING SHIT. FUCK. WHAT DID I DO WRONG??? yeah maybe the files were just to big, maybe i shouldn’t work with hd footage on this shit computer


Simple doodle of Jeff wearing some 90s-ish neon jacket cos y not he seems like the type to try and be rad but look like a dork anyways