sketches of some people in a video i saw in class

some quick character ideas

1. she doesn’t understand very much, but what she does understand is that people often look down on her and no one ever looks at her as an equal. she wishes there was one special girl that she could see eye to eye with.

2. she tries to be helpful but is often misguided. she speaks very honestly but is never overly blunt or rude.

3. the adopted daughter of a doctor. she has a deep yet beautiful voice. she usually doesn’t dress so lightly, normally she wears very large sweaters, baggy jeans, and winter hats. she used to really look up to her older cousin, but she was forced to cut ties with him at a young age. she misses him.

4. kind of a nosy and rude girl. she is secretly disgusted and horrified by the fact that she is alive and has a body

a real crisis for the talking bar of soap



watching let’s players play awfully at games you are good at


what kind of blogs do you follow


I follow a wide range of blogs to make sure my own blog content is as inconsistent and annoying as possible


there’s really a twofold lifestyle benefit to these shades, which is

  1. all you see is lizards
  2. the lizards see all

these two shitty little girls in my drivers ed were gossiping about some transgender dude at their school and they said the rudest things…

i hate literally everyone who gossips and talks behind other peoples backs. i hate nosy people more than i hate anything. im so glad i dont go to school with them


Part 2 ahaha


Also let’s remember that Nickelodeon’s current VA directing staff is garbage. I’m sure they treat Tom with respect because come on he’s Tom Fucking Kenny.

But let’s remember how Nickelodeon treated Gabriel Iglesias when they asked him to do Voiceover.

mr. gus isn’t the best character on uncle grandpa but his character design is just so absolutely adorable. he’s so cute…. i want a mr. gus figurine…

despite how much i hate the kids in the writing club, i’m going to join the fucking writing club at school

sure, they’re annoying, are disrespectful towards the disabled, and generally a bunch of disgusting nerds, but for some reason i feel like i should get to know them better, maybe learn to work with them.

also i need to get better at writing


when u excited about something and ur friend isntimage