i’m glad that my little pony is being more respectful towards the disabled and mentally ill

but that doesn’t change the fact that season 1 had some really awkward and racist episodes

i want to draw but i am exhausted from sarah’s birthday party and from all the errands i got dragged along on this morning…. somebody draw for me


Just watched the first episode of Clarence a while ago, and it looks awesome so far! Here, have some doodles!

Jeff is my favorite :’)

i’m seriously considering wether or not i should write clarence doujinshi







I love you most.

She kisses her hair instead of her forehead.

oh my god that’s

that’s just

so subtly terrifying 



This is actually a recurring theme throughout the entirety of Tangled - whenever Gothel is being affectionate to Rapunzel she’s directly focusing her affection to Rapunzel’s power - whether it be singing to the hair, kissing the hair or Gothel’s pet name for Rapunzel literally being “my flower”.

It’s one of those subtle things that once you notice becomes glaringly obvious and it’s why it’s difficult to take the “Gothel really loved Rapunzel!” apologists seriously.

And whenever Eugene is being more affectionate towards Rapunzel, he tends to to push her hair away from her face so as to see her face better.


light up sketchers combined with heelys would be some next level shit 

as i was absently flipping through the “attack on titan junior high” manga at the bookstore, i noticed that they use like 5 different kinds of pronouns to refer to hange. they, e, zhe, his/her, and nope. they literally use the word nope as a pronoun. just a censor bar that says the word “nope” where a pronoun should go


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reasons n is the best character in pokemon

  • green hair
  • straight boys hate him
  • ableist jerks hate him


If the point of the Big Bang Theory was to show that male nerds can be just as sexist as male jocks then well done I guess

most of my friends are boys

boys are cool but i kind of miss having more female friends