why the hell do they sell menstrual pads on the toys r us site

make any small child’s dream come true with the christmas gift of a lifetime

i told myself i wasn’t going to post any more fucking tamagotchi shit today. fucking look at this garbage. it’s too late to be posting stuff. my tamagotchi has been asleep for 3 hours already

i hate myself for getting back into these shitty little things… they’re so cute… i love these little pets

why are english language tamagotchis always the most expensive ones

i’m looking at mcdonalds toys that are as old as i am on ebay

this is what my life has become


Yo if you have 50 spare minutes and like weird computer hackery shit like I do, I recommend this video. It’s a lot of fun.

while i realize that gendered marketing is a problem for many reasons, i actually don’t mind tamagotchis being re-branded to be more girly

i like the girly tamagotchi stuff. i personally enjoy glitter and rainbows and cutesy happy things

while i do have a lot of nostalgia for tamagotchi’s old aesthetic i like the new stuff just as much

isabella from phineas and ferb is hispanic/jewish right? am i remembering that incorrectly?

havent watched the show in what feels like ages

i’m remembering that time i went toy shopping and this little girl complimented me on my hey arnold shirt and then asked me where i got it

i couldn’t tell a little girl to walk into spencer’s gifts, so i just said i didn’t remember where i found the shirt

it’s nice to know that kids are still watching hey arnold (probably on netflix) because it’s such a good show for kids

i feel like such an idiot for knowing only english… i should know like 3 other languages by now

i want to learn spanish, italian, and japanese eventually

the first two so i can get to know my family better, and the third because i’m a shitty nerd who only cares about children’s toys

i want to raise kids someday but i’ll never be as good a parent as my mom and dad are… they’re the most hardworking people i know

indirect kiss might be my new favorite episode of steven universe

i havent gotten around to watching my recorded steven and ug episodes yet. i should do that

i hear the steven universe season finale is coming soon, but i find that very hard to believe. it feels like season 1 barely started

i’m going to stop posting tmagotchi shit for now, time to go back to my regularly scheduled programming

the tamagotchi p’s looks REALLY GOOD but i’m going to wait until after the 4u comes out to decide if i want the p’s or the 4u